Custom Furniture

Our custom furniture is made from locally grown wood in most of the domestic species. Some of the more sought after varieties of domestic wood we work with include Walnut, Ash, and Spalted Maple. Our wood is milled by a local sawyer.

One of our particular interests is live edge furniture. The customer can select from a large variety of live edge slabs from our display of inventory stock. Some of our live edge work features epoxy pours customized to the customers request. We’ve embedded steel sailboats, ball bearings, shells, stones, and all kinds of visually appealing items into the epoxy components of our live edge furniture projects.

Stylistically, we can accommodate everything from modern to traditional furniture designs. Through a partnership with a local metal fabricator, we can even combine materials such glass, granite, and metal with wood to arrive at visually stunning bespoke pieces.

Custom Furniture Gallery